Welcome to Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre

Warwick Mechanic Specialising in Log Book Servicing, General Mechanical Services and Performance Vehicles

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre is a mechanical workshop operating just outside of Warwick, 3km from Morgan Park Raceway.

We offer affordable service for commuters, alongside expert engine building and race car preparation for enthusiasts. We’re staffed by a team of qualified mechanics, each equipped with years of industry knowledge.

Just like how we know how to build a race car, we know how to properly service and care for a car to ensure it stays safe for you and your family to be in.

Give the team at Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre a call on (07) 4661 9997 to book your service today.

General Mechanical Services

Our affordable mechanical services include general and scheduled logbook servicing for car maintenance, as well as specific servicing and upgrades for components such as brakes and suspension, auto-electrical and transmissions, should you experience any problems outside of your regular service interval. We stock a huge range of both aftermarket and OEM spare parts to suit every make and model as well as your budget.


Repairs of suspension components causing an uncomfortable ride, and installation of aftermarket parts.

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Engine and electrical diagnostics, as well as manual fault-finding for rattles, squeals and vibrations.

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Engine Rebuilds

Stock and Performance rebuilds for faulty engines, including both piston and rotary engines.

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Performance and Racing Vehicles

Beyond our regular servicing, we also offer a host of upgrades for 4×4 and performance enthusiasts looking to extract a bit more versatility out of their vehicle, including performance engine rebuilds, 4×4 flash tuning / ECU re-mapping, suspension and brake upgrades. Better yet, if you’re someone who lives and breathes motorsport like us, we offer comprehensive race car building, preparation, and custom-built safety roll cages, all designed to meet CAMS regulations for your chosen race series.

Spare Parts

We carry thousands of products from hundreds of local and international suppliers and manufactures. If we don’t have it in stock, chances are we can order it in for you. Get in touch to find out if we can help you track down the specific part you’re chasing.

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Tyres & Alignment

We offer a wide selection of tyres available to suit standard cars, 4x4s, SUVs and performance vehicles We also offer wheel alignment services. Call us today for a quote.

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