4×4 Tuning and Repairs in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are Warwick’s go-to workshop for 4×4 enthusiasts and tradies looking to extract more power or fuel efficiency from their vehicle. Our choice of re-map or flash tuning software is made by Roo Systems, a proven industry-leader in 4×4 flash tuning and ECU re-mapping. We’ll assess your vehicles tune on a case-by-case basis, installing an engine re-map specifically designed for it to increase horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. Please give us a call to organise an engine re-mapping on your turbo-diesel 4×4 vehicle.

Roo Systems ECU Re-Mapping:

For increased performance and fuel efficiency gains on your diesel four-wheel-drive, we offer flash tuning / ECU re-mapping on most major 4×4 makes and models. We’ve noticed a significant increase in both torque, power and fuel efficiency on all the diesel 4×4 vehicles we’ve performed our engine re-mapping on.

Common 4×4 vehicles we perform re-maps on include:

  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Holden Colorado
  • Ford Ranger
  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Toyota Hilux

Whilst we can perform ECU re-maps on petrol engines, larger gains are much more prevalent in diesel-equipped vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency on Work Vehicles:

Whilst ECU re-maps are commonly associated with higher power, fuel efficiency increases can be gained by having your ECU re-mapped. Due to the fact many of the turbo-diesel utility vehicles sold in Australia are also sold in countries with vastly different climates, a base-line tune from the factory can often be restrictive, as it’s intended to last in a range of altitudes and temperatures.

By having your ECU re-mapped to suit Australian conditions, you can have your engine re-map made to consume less fuel, which can be an absolute life-saver for mobile businesses that travel hundreds of kilometres per day.

Other 4×4 Modifications:

Typically, we suggest installing a new, less-restrictive exhaust, which can be manufactured and installed in-house to complement the gains produced by the re-map. Sometimes, on vehicles with restrictive stock ECU mapping that receive large gains from the re-map, a heavy-duty clutch replacement will be necessary to handle the additional torque without burning out. We notice this is especially necessary in 100 and early 200-series Toyota Landcruisers.

Other modifications that can benefit your ECU re-map include upgrading to a larger intercooler. We can install custom front and top-mounted intercoolers to suit your vehicle. Having a larger intercooler on your turbo-charged 4×4 allows for greater airflow, which means more fuel can be burned, and thus, greater power can be generated.

4×4 Tuning and Repair Services

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to discuss our 4×4 tuning services in more detail and find out how we can assist you. Call (07) 4661 9997