Safety Roll-Cage Installation for Race Cars

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre design and install safety cages, roll cages and other safety equipment to race vehicles in the Warwick area. All our safety mechanisms for race vehicles are designed to be reliable and comply with current CAMS regulations. We’ll listen to your needs and design a functional safety roll cage system with accompanying seats and harnesses, designed to suit the individual driver, protecting them from injury in serious race collisions.

CAMS-Approved Safety Cages:

You’ll get the choice of a full or half safety cage when you opt for us to install your race vehicle. Your choice will ultimately depend on requirements for your category or local racetrack, budgeting requirements, desired torsional strength and street legality. All our cages are:

  • CAMS-Approved
  • Made of Cold Drawn Steel
  • Custom-made to suit your vehicle

Similarly, you’ll get the choice of a welded-in or bolted-in cage, with the former offering more torsional strength at the cost of making your car more-or-less permanently illegal for road use. Please note that we do not manufacture chromoly safety cages.

Having a full (sometimes known as six or eight-point) roll cage will greatly improve the safety of your vehicle, and when welded-in, will significantly improve the torsional strength of your vehicle to shave tenths off your lap. The disadvantage to this is that six-point cages are illegal for road use, they cost the most, and if welded-in, are irremovable.

Half-cages on the other hand, allow you to fit seat harnesses (which are required by CAMS) just like a full cage, and come with some element of roll-over protection, albeit not as much as a full safety cage offers. Half cages are also much cheaper than full safety cages, making bolt-in safety cages a viable option for recreational racers that want a street-driven track car.

Bucket Seat Installation:

If you need a bucket or racing seat to be installed into your vehicle alongside your new roll cage, we’re more than happy to replace your existing seats with high quality seats of your choice, using CAMS-approved installation methods, including attaching harnesses from your seat to your roll cage. If the seat you opt for is not adjustable, we recommend that the main driver of the car comes around to our workshop for a personalised fit to ensure they remain as comfortable and safe as possible while sitting in the car for extended periods of time.

Safety Roll Cages

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to book a suitable time for the installation of a safety roll cage in your racing vehicle. Call (07) 4661 9997