Log Book Servicing in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are Warwick’s favourite independent mechanic, staffed entirely by qualified mechanics with extensive experience in the field. Our log book servicing follows the same manufacturers required procedures that your dealer would perform, and we use genuine OEM parts for cars serviced during the warranty period to ensure that your vehicle will still be eligible for warranty repairs should something fail. Just give us a call and tell us your make, model and year, and you’ll be on your way to better servicing, without shock horror when you look at the bill.

The benefit of choosing an independent mechanic over a dealer for your vehicle servicing is that our prices are much more reasonable, all without effecting your new car warranty. Rather than simply operating off a brief checklist like many dealer mechanics, our entire vehicle service is comprehensive and includes:

  • Before and After Service Road Test
  • Full Mechanical Inspection
  • Brake, Tyre and Suspension Check
  • Replacement of Oil & Filter
  • Replacement of wear items as necessary at major service intervals

When you drop your car off to us, we’ll offer you a lift back to your home or work in your car by the same mechanic who will be servicing it. This allows us to understand what you mean when you mention specific problems you’ve been experiencing with it, as well as allowing us to bring up any inherent problems we’ve noticed that you may have simply gotten used to or not noticed. If we perform a regular logbook service on your car, and the major service is at the next interval, we’ll inform you then and there to give you plenty of time to prepare for the next major service due.

Major Servicing:

The time at which your vehicle requires a major service will ultimately depend on your maintenance schedule, although major servicing usually occurs at every third interval. Typically, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of the brakes where pad replacement may be necessary, and replace spark plugs, check belts and any other items required by the service schedule, as well as perform all the other items associated with a typical service, such as an oil and filter change.

Warranty Claims:

Having your car serviced by Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre will not affect your new car or statutory warranty. When servicing cars still under warranty, we use genuine OEM parts to ensure your car is still repairable under your new car warranty, should anything go wrong. We’ll phone you immediately if we suspect mechanical damage occurring on your car is the fault of the manufacturer, so you can have it performed for free.

Log Book Servicing

Get in touch with your year, make and model to book your vehicle in with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre for a log book service. Call (07) 4661 9997