Spare Car Parts in Warwick

We stock a wide variety of generic spare car parts including various belts, filters, engine and transmission oils, brake pads and clutches for any locals wanting to service their own vehicles. Additionally, we can source specific items related to your engine such as starter motors and internal engine components – just let us know what you need and we should be able to order it for you!

We have access to hundreds of local and international suppliers and brands, enabling us to stock thousands of different automotive components and racing products including safety equipment.

Our spare parts range includes:

  • Oils, greases and fluids: all types to suit cars and machinery
  • Filters: oil, air, fuel and air-conditioning cabin
  • Brakes: pads, rotors, upgrade kits and race brake components
  • Tyres: road or track
  • Exhausts: kits, systems, custom made mufflers and extractors
  • Steering and suspension: from standard replacement to one-off custom set ups including coil over kits, shock absorbers
  • Diffs: reconditioned, exchange and new. Race limited slips and spools also available.
  • Clutch: standard replacement, custom clutches, flywheels and hydraulic throw out bearing conversions
  • Gear box: all types, exchange, reconditioned and new Tremec
  • Car batteries: standard and replacement odyssey racing
  • Engine components: rotary and piston engines. Everything from bearings and gaskets to blocks and housing, cranks and cams.
  • Racing products: safety gear, apparel, lubricants, seats and harnesses
  • DIY products: including filters and brakes

Aftermarket vs OEM:

Aftermarket solutions are usually better not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of pricing. While we’re more than happy to source genuine OEM spare parts for you, we almost always recommend using aftermarket parts.

Spare Car Parts

Give Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre a call to find out if we can have the spare car part you’re chasing or whether we can order it in for you. Call (07) 4661 9997