About Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre was originally established in 1994 as a mobile mechanic servicing the Brisbane area. In 2002, we opened a workshop in Fairfield and quickly earned a reputation for our high-quality repairs, attention to detail, affordable servicing and expert race performance knowledge. Soon after, in 2006, we moved to our current location in Morgan Park, a 3km drive from Warwick’s Morgan Park Raceway. This allowed us to still perform the high-quality servicing we’re known for, as well as provide race car building and preparation services close to the racetrack, something we’re very passionate about.

Our staff is comprised entirely of local qualified mechanics, which allows us to put individual love and attention into each car we service. We don’t roll out a car if we wouldn’t feel safe and comfortable in driving it ourselves. Part of each service we perform includes extensive checks of safety components, such as brakes and tyres to keep you, your family and other road users safe.

General and Log Book Servicing:

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are regularly relied on by locals to perform general and log book servicing on their cars. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to bring your car to the dealer to keep your new car warranty intact. You can escape the expensive and often lacklustre servicing performed by dealers by having an independent mechanic look over your car. Our team have extensive experience in servicing all makes and models of cars and will ensure that your vehicle gets the best service possible.

Performance Modifications and Race Vehicles:

For performance and racing enthusiasts, you simply cannot go past Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre. We’ve built cars from the ground-up, restored all kinds of historic engines and transmissions, as well as regularly performing race car preparation before and during race day at Morgan Park Raceway, such as tailored suspension setups. Many of the historic touring cars you see zipping around Morgan Park Raceway have been through our hands through the build process, and are regularly returning back for preparation prior to race day.

Beyond racetrack performance, our team are experienced in extracting power out of engines reliably. As one of the few rotary engine specialists in the area, we can perform routine maintenance, engine rebuilds and power modifications, such as porting, to extract more power out of your engine. We’re also highly specialised in 4×4 flash tuning and ECU re-mapping for greater power and fuel economy out of petrol and turbo-diesel four-wheel-drives.