Engine Rebuild and Replacement Mechanic in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are an experienced team of mechanics specialising in engine rebuild and replacement services in our Warwick workshop. As established mechanics of over 20 years, we’re regularly called on by Warwick locals to diagnose and repair faulty engines. Having an engine fail on your car is always stressful, and our team of trusted mechanics will recommend the most financially viable solution for you to get you back on the road. If you’ve noticed odd noises or vibrations coming from your engine, don’t hesitate to call us and bring your vehicle in for an extensive analysis.

How Do I Know If My Engine Needs to be Rebuilt?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your engine requires an overhaul or replacement, so if you notice something funny happening with the way your car drives, please send it in to us as soon as you can. Typically, unless the customer requests a rebuild or replacement engine specifically, we’ll perform a road test and compression test of your engine if possible. Having an engine fail on your car can be truly devastating, and if after inspection we find that your engine has suffered catastrophic failure, we’ll advise you of your options.

We perform:

  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Rotary Rebuilds
  • Performance Rebuilds
  • Replacement Engine Installation.

Engine Rebuild vs Second-hand Engine:

Typically, on a car newer than 25 years old that still has parts availability, opting for a second-hand engine is cheaper than going for a rebuild. We tend to perform rebuilds on older cars that want to retain their original engine to remain valuable, or vehicles that have scarce parts availability. One of the upsides to having an engine rebuild is that you have a better idea of the condition of the engine compared to a second-hand one of unknown mileage and service history.

It’s best to have your second-hand engine serviced (filter, oil and belts if necessary) before putting it into your vehicle, as it’s easier to perform a service when the entire engine is exposed. If you opt for a second-hand engine, we can perform the replacement and engine servicing in our Warwick workshop. We’ll make sure that the car’s electronics are calibrated to suit the new engine perfectly.

Performance Engine Rebuilds:

Sometimes customers going to the effort of rebuilding an engine rather than opting for a second-hand engine do so because they want to extract more power or reliability out of their engine. We can install aftermarket head gaskets, pistons, rings, crankshafts and rods when rebuilding your engine, even opting for more durable forged varieties used in high-boost turbo applications.

Rotary Engines:

The sound of a rotary engine is a beautiful thing, and we’ve worked to preserve numerous old-school rotary engines over the years. We’re well experienced in re-building rotary engines and are regularly called on by rotary motorsport enthusiasts in the area for repairs and maintenance of their engines. Beyond replacement of things like apex seals, we can do common rotary engine modifications while rebuilding, such as porting, for those seeking extra power.

Engine Rebuilds in Warwick

Get in touch with the team at Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to discuss our engine rebuild services and book your vehicle in today. Call (07) 4661 9997