Race Car Preparation Services in Morgan Park

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre offers comprehensive race car preparation services to ensure your vehicle corners, brakes and accelerates properly on race day. There’s nothing worse than having a great driver paired with a fast car, only to be hampered by poorly setup suspension and brakes – we seek to extract the most potential out of your car by performing a comprehensive check prior to race day. Our team are seasoned professionals and are regularly called on by teams racing at Morgan Park to improve their lap times through general checks, as well as thorough suspension setups. Please give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Our race car preparation services include:

  • Scaling for minimum weight requirements
  • Fluid replacement and filter check
  • Brake checks and suspension adjustment
  • Tyre fitting and alignment
  • Performing repairs where necessary

You might find that on race weekends at Morgan Park Raceway, our mechanics are in pit lane before an event. We carry a mobile workshop on the back of our tracks and perform mobile preparations for teams on race day as well as our more extensive in-workshop preparations. Please give us a call to enquire about what we can do for you.


We don’t need to stress the importance of ensuring your vehicle meets weight requirements before an event. We can perform scaling of your vehicle, be it with the driver inside, dry-weight, or weight with fluids. If necessary and the time available permits it, we can organise ballasting for your vehicle.

Suspension Adjustment and Fine-Tuning:

If you’re arriving into town shortly before a scheduled race-meeting, it can pay to have your suspension fine-tuned to suit the Morgan Park Raceway circuit. We can consult with your driver on-track prior to the event day, fine-tuning the suspension as they complete test-runs to minimise your times.

Race Car Repairs:

Had a big day out at the track and need some quick repairs done for an upcoming event? We can do quick mechanical repairs to get your vehicle back on the track to allow for some championship points to be earned. We’re only 3km from Morgan Park Raceway and can quickly attend to your vehicle to get it back in shape. Give us a call if disaster strikes and you need a quick repair done on your pride and joy.

Race Car Preparations

Get in touch to find out how Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre can assist you with your race car preparations. Call (07) 4661 9997