Brake and Clutch Repairs in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are local Warwick mechanics with extensive experience in brake and clutch repairs, servicing and replacement. All the work we do is done with precision to ensure the safety of our customers when behind the wheel. Having a car that stops in time during an emergency is important, and we provide a range of different aftermarket brake solutions to our customers to suit any budget. Our range of clutches include OEM and aftermarket replacements, as well as performance and 4×4 upgrades. Give us a call if your brakes or clutch aren’t operating correctly, and we’ll have one of our expert qualified mechanics solve it quickly.

Brake Servicing and Repairs:

Having good brakes, along with new tyres, is integral in keeping your car the safest it can be for you, your family and other road users, and we take great care when replacing our customers’ brake components to ensure their safety on the road.

Our brake servicing includes:

  • Disc / Rotor checks
  • Pad checks
  • Fluid replacement / flush
  • On road brake testing

Depending on the state of wear on your brake discs, we’ll inform you of whether they’ll need to be machined or replaced. Machining them simply involves skimming down warped brakes to a flat surface, but if your brake discs are too thin, we will need to opt for replacement. High-performance brake upgrades, including drum to disc conversions are also available.

Clutch Repairs:

We offer both genuine OEM and aftermarket clutch replacements, with specialised clutches for performance and 4wd applications also available. When replacing OEM clutches with a cheaper aftermarket solution for a standard vehicle, we look for ones of a similar specification so as to not change the driving dynamics of your car.

Aftermarket Performance Clutches:

Own a high performance or racing vehicle? Choosing a clutch is often a more customer-involved process for enthusiast drivers than it is for those seeking a replacement for their everyday vehicle, so we offer our customers a wide variety of aftermarket performance clutches to suit their preferences. At your request, we can also install a lightened flywheel while replacing your clutch for better throttle response.

Clutches we offer include:

  • Organic Sports Clutches
  • Ceramic Performance Clutches
  • Single, Twin and Triple Plate Clutches

Organic clutches are more suitable for street use as they are more transitional, whereas ceramic clutches are much more precise allowing for better launches, but will wear much quicker if you ride the clutch. Ceramic discs also tend to absorb much more heat.

Having larger diameter clutch plates does result in a heavier clutch feel, and we recommend switching to a multi-plate clutch before moving to a larger diameter. Multi-plate clutches can also handle much more torque than a single disc of the same size.

Aftermarket 4×4 Clutches:

If you’ve got a modified 4×4 vehicle, depending on the amount of torque that’s been added, a replacement clutch will be necessary to prevent burning out the stock clutch. We stock aftermarket clutches to suit all major 4×4 manufacturers and if there’s a specific clutch brand you’d prefer, we’re more than happy to source and install it for you.

Brake and Clutch Repairs:

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to book your vehicle in for any of our brake and clutch services including repairs, servicing and replacement. Call (07) 4661 9997