4×4 Tuning and Repairs in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are Warwick’s go-to workshop for 4×4 enthusiasts and tradies looking to extract more power or fuel efficiency from their vehicle. Our choice of re-map or flash tuning software is made by Roo Systems, a proven industry-leader in 4×4 flash tuning and ECU re-mapping. We’ll assess your vehicles tune on a case-by-case basis, installing an engine re-map specifically designed for it to increase horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. Please give us a call to organise an engine re-mapping on your turbo-diesel 4×4 vehicle.

Roo Systems ECU Re-Mapping:

For increased performance and fuel efficiency gains on your diesel four-wheel-drive, we offer flash tuning / ECU re-mapping on most major 4×4 makes and models. We’ve noticed a significant increase in both torque, power and fuel efficiency on all the diesel 4×4 vehicles we’ve performed our engine re-mapping on.

Common 4×4 vehicles we perform re-maps on include:

  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Holden Colorado
  • Ford Ranger
  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Toyota Hilux

Whilst we can perform ECU re-maps on petrol engines, larger gains are much more prevalent in diesel-equipped vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency on Work Vehicles:

Whilst ECU re-maps are commonly associated with higher power, fuel efficiency increases can be gained by having your ECU re-mapped. Due to the fact many of the turbo-diesel utility vehicles sold in Australia are also sold in countries with vastly different climates, a base-line tune from the factory can often be restrictive, as it’s intended to last in a range of altitudes and temperatures.

By having your ECU re-mapped to suit Australian conditions, you can have your engine re-map made to consume less fuel, which can be an absolute life-saver for mobile businesses that travel hundreds of kilometres per day.

Other 4×4 Modifications:

Typically, we suggest installing a new, less-restrictive exhaust, which can be manufactured and installed in-house to complement the gains produced by the re-map. Sometimes, on vehicles with restrictive stock ECU mapping that receive large gains from the re-map, a heavy-duty clutch replacement will be necessary to handle the additional torque without burning out. We notice this is especially necessary in 100 and early 200-series Toyota Landcruisers.

Other modifications that can benefit your ECU re-map include upgrading to a larger intercooler. We can install custom front and top-mounted intercoolers to suit your vehicle. Having a larger intercooler on your turbo-charged 4×4 allows for greater airflow, which means more fuel can be burned, and thus, greater power can be generated.

4×4 Tuning and Repair Services

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Safety Roll-Cage Installation for Race Cars

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre design and install safety cages, roll cages and other safety equipment to race vehicles in the Warwick area. All our safety mechanisms for race vehicles are designed to be reliable and comply with current CAMS regulations. We’ll listen to your needs and design a functional safety roll cage system with accompanying seats and harnesses, designed to suit the individual driver, protecting them from injury in serious race collisions.

CAMS-Approved Safety Cages:

You’ll get the choice of a full or half safety cage when you opt for us to install your race vehicle. Your choice will ultimately depend on requirements for your category or local racetrack, budgeting requirements, desired torsional strength and street legality. All our cages are:

  • CAMS-Approved
  • Made of Cold Drawn Steel
  • Custom-made to suit your vehicle

Similarly, you’ll get the choice of a welded-in or bolted-in cage, with the former offering more torsional strength at the cost of making your car more-or-less permanently illegal for road use. Please note that we do not manufacture chromoly safety cages.

Having a full (sometimes known as six or eight-point) roll cage will greatly improve the safety of your vehicle, and when welded-in, will significantly improve the torsional strength of your vehicle to shave tenths off your lap. The disadvantage to this is that six-point cages are illegal for road use, they cost the most, and if welded-in, are irremovable.

Half-cages on the other hand, allow you to fit seat harnesses (which are required by CAMS) just like a full cage, and come with some element of roll-over protection, albeit not as much as a full safety cage offers. Half cages are also much cheaper than full safety cages, making bolt-in safety cages a viable option for recreational racers that want a street-driven track car.

Bucket Seat Installation:

If you need a bucket or racing seat to be installed into your vehicle alongside your new roll cage, we’re more than happy to replace your existing seats with high quality seats of your choice, using CAMS-approved installation methods, including attaching harnesses from your seat to your roll cage. If the seat you opt for is not adjustable, we recommend that the main driver of the car comes around to our workshop for a personalised fit to ensure they remain as comfortable and safe as possible while sitting in the car for extended periods of time.

Safety Roll Cages

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Race Car Preparation Services in Morgan Park

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre offers comprehensive race car preparation services to ensure your vehicle corners, brakes and accelerates properly on race day. There’s nothing worse than having a great driver paired with a fast car, only to be hampered by poorly setup suspension and brakes – we seek to extract the most potential out of your car by performing a comprehensive check prior to race day. Our team are seasoned professionals and are regularly called on by teams racing at Morgan Park to improve their lap times through general checks, as well as thorough suspension setups. Please give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Our race car preparation services include:

  • Scaling for minimum weight requirements
  • Fluid replacement and filter check
  • Brake checks and suspension adjustment
  • Tyre fitting and alignment
  • Performing repairs where necessary

You might find that on race weekends at Morgan Park Raceway, our mechanics are in pit lane before an event. We carry a mobile workshop on the back of our tracks and perform mobile preparations for teams on race day as well as our more extensive in-workshop preparations. Please give us a call to enquire about what we can do for you.


We don’t need to stress the importance of ensuring your vehicle meets weight requirements before an event. We can perform scaling of your vehicle, be it with the driver inside, dry-weight, or weight with fluids. If necessary and the time available permits it, we can organise ballasting for your vehicle.

Suspension Adjustment and Fine-Tuning:

If you’re arriving into town shortly before a scheduled race-meeting, it can pay to have your suspension fine-tuned to suit the Morgan Park Raceway circuit. We can consult with your driver on-track prior to the event day, fine-tuning the suspension as they complete test-runs to minimise your times.

Race Car Repairs:

Had a big day out at the track and need some quick repairs done for an upcoming event? We can do quick mechanical repairs to get your vehicle back on the track to allow for some championship points to be earned. We’re only 3km from Morgan Park Raceway and can quickly attend to your vehicle to get it back in shape. Give us a call if disaster strikes and you need a quick repair done on your pride and joy.

Race Car Preparations

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Race Car Building and Restoration Services

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre specialise in race car building and restoration services in Warwick. We had been working on performance vehicles for over a decade as mobile mechanics in the Brisbane area before establishing our Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre in 2006, and in that time, we’ve had the pleasure of working on numerous local and national-level team vehicles. Our level of service is unrivalled, and our reputation for knowing how to build a quality race car is well deserved. Please give us a call on (07) 4661 9997 to discuss working together.

Our race car building services can be as comprehensive or as minimalistic as you like. Anything pertaining to your car accelerating, braking and cornering is done in-house by a team of expert race-car building professionals. We comply with current CAMS regulations for the series you intend to race in, ensuring your car passes scrutineering.

Common race car building services we perform include:

  • Rust and chassis repair
  • Weight Removal and Ballasting
  • Seam-welding and strengthening
  • Brake installs and upgrades
  • Suspension installs and upgrades
  • Drivetrain modifications
  • Safety Device (Safety cage, Harness and Seating) Installation

We can even go so far as to sourcing an eligible chassis if you’re having trouble finding the model you desire.


We’re capable of sourcing and rebuilding replacement drivetrain components for your vehicle. Be it a specific engine / transmission combination you have in mind, or a power and torque target, we’ll find a solution that suits your requirements.

We can perform:

  • Turbo / Supercharger Installations
  • Cam / Stroke / Bore Modifcations
  • Engine Conversions
  • Aftermarket ECU Installs
  • Transmission conversions
  • Custom exhausts, including systems to abide by track noise limitations when necessary

Sometimes, we’ll make recommendations based on series requirements to ensure your vehicle will pass scrutineering. For example, in the Improved Production series, CAMS require that a replacement engine is to be made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle. In such cases, we’ll advise you on your best options in terms of cost and performance to abide by the limitations.

Suspension and Braking:

Common suspension and braking upgrades we do include:

  • Adjustable coil-over installs
  • Brake upgrades
  • Drum to disc conversions
  • Sway-bar upgrades and strut-bracing

In addition to installing any brand of suspension and braking hardware preferred by the customer, we can fine-tune the setup if they intend to be racing it on our local track, Morgan Park Raceway.

Race Car Safety:

It’s important to have adequate safety measures in place to prevent you from injury during a high-risk environment such as the race track. We install high quality bucket seats, harnesses and roll-cages to allow drivers to walk away in the event of a serious crash. If you’d like to learn more about what safety roll cage is good for your vehicle, visit our page on safety roll cages.

All the safety components we install in your vehicle are intended to abide by CAMS rules, unless otherwise specified.


Ensuring your car has adequate torsional strength is important on a race track. We can perform rust-repair, chassis-strengthening and seam-welding to bring your vehicle back up to scratch and allow for better cornering ability. After your chassis is in tip-top working order, we can either add or remove weight to ensure you meet, but don’t greatly exceed, the weight requirements for your racing class.

Race Car Building

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