Transmission and Diff Rebuilds, Repairs and Replacements

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre perform expert rebuilds and replacement installation of faulty transmissions and differentials in the Warwick area. Our team of professionals can quickly identify faults in your transmission and differential causing performance and comfort problems, repairing them as necessary to an as-new state. Please give us a call if you’d like us to upgrade your differential, or inspect faults in your transmission or differential.

How Do I know If My Diff Needs Repair?

If you notice a high-pitched whine when your car accelerates, or a low-pitch vibration coming from where your car puts down power (front or rear wheels, depending on the car), this is typically a sign that your differential either needs new oil or needs repairs.

Transmission Rebuilds and Replacements:

The choice between installing a second-hand replacement transmission or differential and rebuilding your current one is typically decided on by cost, which will vary from case to case, depending on parts availability and the extent of the damage to your transmission. Our rebuilds are performed with precision and utilise high quality replacement parts to ensure your vehicle runs just as smoothly as it did when it rolled off the showroom floor. Please take note that we do not rebuild automatic transmissions.

Alternatively, we can install a new or reconditioned transmission from the wreckers into your vehicle should your existing transmission fail. We take extra care when installing replacement transmissions to ensure they are mounted and connected exactly the way the manufacturer intended.

For customers wanting to convert their transmission, we can also perform manual transmission conversions. Along with your replacement transmission, this typically requires a new ECU, pedal box, crossmember or tail shaft among other things.

Differential Replacements:

We offer a range of aftermarket and second-hand replacement differentials for every day, performance and 4×4 applications, including:

  • Locking diffs
  • Spooled diffs
  • Limited Slip Differentials (LSD)

Differential Rebuilds:

We perform in-house rebuilds of differentials to bring them back to life. We can use a stock gear ratio, or if aftermarket gear sets are available, we can upgrade to a lower or higher gear ratio for increased fuel efficiency or performance. Higher ratio differential gears result in greater acceleration at the cost of fuel efficiency, and lower ratios do the opposite.

Transmission and Diff Services

Give Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre a call on (07) 4661 9997 to discuss our range of transmission and diff replacement, repair and rebuild services, and find out how we can help you.

Engine Rebuild and Replacement Mechanic in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are an experienced team of mechanics specialising in engine rebuild and replacement services in our Warwick workshop. As established mechanics of over 20 years, we’re regularly called on by Warwick locals to diagnose and repair faulty engines. Having an engine fail on your car is always stressful, and our team of trusted mechanics will recommend the most financially viable solution for you to get you back on the road. If you’ve noticed odd noises or vibrations coming from your engine, don’t hesitate to call us and bring your vehicle in for an extensive analysis.

How Do I Know If My Engine Needs to be Rebuilt?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your engine requires an overhaul or replacement, so if you notice something funny happening with the way your car drives, please send it in to us as soon as you can. Typically, unless the customer requests a rebuild or replacement engine specifically, we’ll perform a road test and compression test of your engine if possible. Having an engine fail on your car can be truly devastating, and if after inspection we find that your engine has suffered catastrophic failure, we’ll advise you of your options.

We perform:

  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Rotary Rebuilds
  • Performance Rebuilds
  • Replacement Engine Installation.

Engine Rebuild vs Second-hand Engine:

Typically, on a car newer than 25 years old that still has parts availability, opting for a second-hand engine is cheaper than going for a rebuild. We tend to perform rebuilds on older cars that want to retain their original engine to remain valuable, or vehicles that have scarce parts availability. One of the upsides to having an engine rebuild is that you have a better idea of the condition of the engine compared to a second-hand one of unknown mileage and service history.

It’s best to have your second-hand engine serviced (filter, oil and belts if necessary) before putting it into your vehicle, as it’s easier to perform a service when the entire engine is exposed. If you opt for a second-hand engine, we can perform the replacement and engine servicing in our Warwick workshop. We’ll make sure that the car’s electronics are calibrated to suit the new engine perfectly.

Performance Engine Rebuilds:

Sometimes customers going to the effort of rebuilding an engine rather than opting for a second-hand engine do so because they want to extract more power or reliability out of their engine. We can install aftermarket head gaskets, pistons, rings, crankshafts and rods when rebuilding your engine, even opting for more durable forged varieties used in high-boost turbo applications.

Rotary Engines:

The sound of a rotary engine is a beautiful thing, and we’ve worked to preserve numerous old-school rotary engines over the years. We’re well experienced in re-building rotary engines and are regularly called on by rotary motorsport enthusiasts in the area for repairs and maintenance of their engines. Beyond replacement of things like apex seals, we can do common rotary engine modifications while rebuilding, such as porting, for those seeking extra power.

Engine Rebuilds in Warwick

Get in touch with the team at Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to discuss our engine rebuild services and book your vehicle in today. Call (07) 4661 9997

Air Conditioning and Auto-Electrical Repairs in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre provides professional and reliable air conditioning and auto-electrical repair services in Warwick. Our team of qualified mechanics are all experienced in resolving auto-electrical problems, be it a case of ignition failure or a brake light not working. Please give us a call to see what our team of skilled professionals can do for you.

Air Con Repairs:

Whether it’s a simple re-gas or a compressor replacement, we’ve got you covered with professional vehicle air conditioning repairs performed by a local specialist. We’ll inform you of what is the most financially viable solution, should your air con fail. If you’ve experienced any of the following, it might be time to come and get your air con looked at to ensure you aren’t left boiling alive when Summer comes around:

  • Air con not turning on
  • Hot air coming out
  • Air stench
  • Temperature not adjusting

Auto-Electrical Repair Services:

Noticed your car stereo playing up, or your electric windows not working? Give us a call for expert analysis and repair of any electrical issues in your car. We’ll thoroughly examine the problem, working backwards through circuitry to find faults before bringing your car back to working condition again.

Common auto-electrical issues we repair include:

  • Dashboard not working correctly
  • Faulty brakes / headlights
  • Radio not working
  • Vehicle not starting up

Auto-Electrical Installs:

We can source and install aftermarket electrical items for your vehicle, be it fog lights, a light bar, or other equipment requiring power from your vehicle.

Air Conditioning and Auto-Electrical Repairs

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to discuss our air conditioning and auto-electrical repair services. Call (07) 4661 9997

Diagnostic Repairs and Servicing in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre provide diagnostic repairs and servicing in Warwick. Our team will accurately diagnose and correct any problems causing you hassle, and have you back on the road as soon as possible. We cater to all budgets and offer a diverse range of different parts and options to suit everyone. Please give us a call for an accurate diagnosis of any faults occurring in your car.

Our range of fault-finding diagnosis service is comprehensive, and common problems we diagnose and repair include:

  • Suspension and Brakes
  • Engine Faults
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption
  • Over-heating
  • Check engine codes
  • Electronic Problems
  • Interior rattles

We do electric and manual fault-finding diagnosis, including manual fault-finding of interior rattles, suspension, brakes and mechanical problems on cars not equipped with sensors. On newer cars equipped with sensors, we perform electronic diagnosis on mechanical components via our data scanner. Whatever the problem, you can be rest assured our team of trusted mechanics diagnose and repair it.

Manual Diagnosis:

We do both manual and electric vehicle diagnostics at our workshop. What this means is that if you’ve got a rattling noise in your car, we’ll take it for a test drive to narrow down the problem and if possible, try and re-create it in our workshop to find the cause of the rattling or vibration before fixing it.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Rattling
  • Vibration
  • Squealing / Whining
  • Uncomfortable ride

Electronic Diagnosis:

Electronic diagnosis is typically required for electrical problems or errors / check engine lights being displayed on your dashboard instrument cluster. This is done by plugging in a scanning tool to find the source of the problem. If you’ve got a newer car that allows for data reading equipment to be plugged in, electronic diagnosis can make finding mechanical problems much more hassle-free.

Common faults we can find and correct via electronic diagnosis include:

  • Electronics Not Working Correctly
  • Rough Idles
  • Trouble Starting Engine
  • Poor fuel economy

Of course, if you’ve got an older car that requires manual diagnosis of the mechanical components, we can do this as well, it may just take extra time.

Diagnostic Repair Services

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to book your vehicle in for our diagnostic repair services in our Warwick workshop. Call(07) 4661 9997

Tyres and Wheel Alignment Services in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre perform wheel alignment and tyre installation for cars, SUVs and 4x4s in the Warwick area. Having new tyres is vital to keeping you and other road users safe, and our team of qualified mechanics can recommend the best tyre to suit your needs and budget, performing quick installation so you can be on your way again! Our state of the art wheel alignment equipment ensures an accurate fit every time, keeping you and your family safe on the road. Please give us a call to arrange a tyre installation and alignment.

What Tyres Do You Install?

We offer Comfort, Eco, 4×4, SUV and Performance tyres all under the one roof to suit any wheel size. If you’re unsure of what tyre would be best suited to your car and typical driving routine, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly, qualified mechanics as to what they recommend.

Brands we keep in stock include:

  • Hoosier
  • Nitto
  • Federal
  • Maxtrek
  • Achilles
  • Nexen

We do, however, realise that many of our performance and 4WD customers do have preferred tyre brands, and we can order in any specific tyre brand and size you require.

Do I Need New Tyres?

It is illegal in Queensland to drive on tyres with less than 1.5mm of tread on them, however, it’s generally recommended to consider changing your tyres once there is 3mm left of tread on them. Having less than 3mm of tread will gradually increase your stopping distances, and the lack of grip can prove dire in emergency situations.

Whilst we check tyres on each service we perform, if you’re unsure of how much life your tyres have left in them, there’s an easy way to check. Simply get out a 20c coin, and put it the gap between your tyre tread. If the tread doesn’t reach the bill of the platypus, there is less than 3mm left, and it’s time to look at changing your tyres.

Wheel Alignments:

We use electronic wheel alignment machines to ensure that your vehicle drives straight and doesn’t prematurely wear the tyres. Wheel alignments need to be performed with each change of tyres, but if you’ve hit a gutter or other object with your wheel and have noticed your car isn’t staying straight, we recommend bringing your car into our workshop immediately.

Wheel Alignment and New Tyres

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to book your car in for new tyres or a wheel alignment. Call (07) 4661 9997

Brake and Clutch Repairs in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are local Warwick mechanics with extensive experience in brake and clutch repairs, servicing and replacement. All the work we do is done with precision to ensure the safety of our customers when behind the wheel. Having a car that stops in time during an emergency is important, and we provide a range of different aftermarket brake solutions to our customers to suit any budget. Our range of clutches include OEM and aftermarket replacements, as well as performance and 4×4 upgrades. Give us a call if your brakes or clutch aren’t operating correctly, and we’ll have one of our expert qualified mechanics solve it quickly.

Brake Servicing and Repairs:

Having good brakes, along with new tyres, is integral in keeping your car the safest it can be for you, your family and other road users, and we take great care when replacing our customers’ brake components to ensure their safety on the road.

Our brake servicing includes:

  • Disc / Rotor checks
  • Pad checks
  • Fluid replacement / flush
  • On road brake testing

Depending on the state of wear on your brake discs, we’ll inform you of whether they’ll need to be machined or replaced. Machining them simply involves skimming down warped brakes to a flat surface, but if your brake discs are too thin, we will need to opt for replacement. High-performance brake upgrades, including drum to disc conversions are also available.

Clutch Repairs:

We offer both genuine OEM and aftermarket clutch replacements, with specialised clutches for performance and 4wd applications also available. When replacing OEM clutches with a cheaper aftermarket solution for a standard vehicle, we look for ones of a similar specification so as to not change the driving dynamics of your car.

Aftermarket Performance Clutches:

Own a high performance or racing vehicle? Choosing a clutch is often a more customer-involved process for enthusiast drivers than it is for those seeking a replacement for their everyday vehicle, so we offer our customers a wide variety of aftermarket performance clutches to suit their preferences. At your request, we can also install a lightened flywheel while replacing your clutch for better throttle response.

Clutches we offer include:

  • Organic Sports Clutches
  • Ceramic Performance Clutches
  • Single, Twin and Triple Plate Clutches

Organic clutches are more suitable for street use as they are more transitional, whereas ceramic clutches are much more precise allowing for better launches, but will wear much quicker if you ride the clutch. Ceramic discs also tend to absorb much more heat.

Having larger diameter clutch plates does result in a heavier clutch feel, and we recommend switching to a multi-plate clutch before moving to a larger diameter. Multi-plate clutches can also handle much more torque than a single disc of the same size.

Aftermarket 4×4 Clutches:

If you’ve got a modified 4×4 vehicle, depending on the amount of torque that’s been added, a replacement clutch will be necessary to prevent burning out the stock clutch. We stock aftermarket clutches to suit all major 4×4 manufacturers and if there’s a specific clutch brand you’d prefer, we’re more than happy to source and install it for you.

Brake and Clutch Repairs:

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to book your vehicle in for any of our brake and clutch services including repairs, servicing and replacement. Call (07) 4661 9997

Suspension Repairs, Upgrades and Replacements in Warwick

Staffed entirely by qualified local mechanics, Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre provide suspension repairs and upgrades in the Warwick area. Our team of mechanics are experts in assessing suspension damage, allowing for accurate repair. We take extra care when performing suspension replacement and look to solve the causes, not just the symptoms, to ensure you aren’t facing the same problem weeks down the track. Please give us a call if you’ve got an uncomfortable or unsafe ride affecting the way you drive, and we’ll have one of our experts onto it as soon as possible.

Suspension Repairs:

Got a squeaky noise or uncomfortable ride giving you hassles? We’ll do an on-road test with you in the car whenever possible to quickly identify the problem you’re experiencing. After getting an idea of what the problem may be, we’ll precisely identify what components are causing it inside our workshop before replacing the necessary parts to restore your car back to a comfortable, non-irritating state.

We do comprehensive checks and replace all suspension parts including:

  • Bushings
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Sway Bars
  • Leaf Springs

Generally, we opt for aftermarket parts on vehicles not under warranty due to their lower cost and often upgraded design. We are more than happy to source genuine OEM parts for your vehicle at your request.

Suspension Upgrades:

If you’d like aftermarket 4×4 suspension, performance suspension, or simply some replacement parts installed for a comfier ride, give us a call. Our team of qualified mechanics can assess your needs and recommend an aftermarket suspension system suited to your driving and budget.

Yes, we do coil over upgrades! Having adjustable coil over suspension installed is a great way to cut seconds off your lap times, as adjustable spring height and damper settings can be catered to your vehicle and the track conditions at hand. In addition to coil over suspension, we can also install aftermarket sway bars and strut bracing for better handling and rigidity.

Suspension Repairs, Upgrades and Replacements

Get in touch with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre to discuss our suspension repairs and upgrade services or to book your vehicle in. Call (07) 4661 9997

Roadworthy Inspections in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre perform thorough and comprehensive safety certificate (roadworthy inspections) for Warwick locals looking to sell a car. Our team of experts are all qualified mechanics, each with extensive experience in performing roadworthy inspections to set criteria.

Safety certificates are a legal requirement for vehicles to be sold in Queensland. Please give us a call to have one of our veteran mechanics perform a thorough check on a vehicle you intend to sell.

Roadworthy Inspections:

Obtaining a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle is a legal requirement in order to be able to sell it privately. Our roadworthy inspections follow a strict set of criteria mandated by the Queensland Government but include a full mechanical inspection and handwritten or electronic safety certificate if your vehicle passes. We’ll test that all safety components of your vehicle work correctly and that all mechanical components are in a safe state to use on the road.

Our roadworthy inspections include:

  • Suspension and Brake Checks
  • Checks for oil leaks
  • Checks of seatbelts
  • Checks of headlights, taillights and emergency lights
  • Checks of chassis, accident history
  • Tyre and wheel alignment check

Per government requirements, roadworthy certificates are charged at a flat fee.

Roadworthy Inspections

Call Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre on (07) 4661 9997 to book a vehicle in for a roadworthy inspection.

Log Book Servicing in Warwick

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are Warwick’s favourite independent mechanic, staffed entirely by qualified mechanics with extensive experience in the field. Our log book servicing follows the same manufacturers required procedures that your dealer would perform, and we use genuine OEM parts for cars serviced during the warranty period to ensure that your vehicle will still be eligible for warranty repairs should something fail. Just give us a call and tell us your make, model and year, and you’ll be on your way to better servicing, without shock horror when you look at the bill.

The benefit of choosing an independent mechanic over a dealer for your vehicle servicing is that our prices are much more reasonable, all without effecting your new car warranty. Rather than simply operating off a brief checklist like many dealer mechanics, our entire vehicle service is comprehensive and includes:

  • Before and After Service Road Test
  • Full Mechanical Inspection
  • Brake, Tyre and Suspension Check
  • Replacement of Oil & Filter
  • Replacement of wear items as necessary at major service intervals

When you drop your car off to us, we’ll offer you a lift back to your home or work in your car by the same mechanic who will be servicing it. This allows us to understand what you mean when you mention specific problems you’ve been experiencing with it, as well as allowing us to bring up any inherent problems we’ve noticed that you may have simply gotten used to or not noticed. If we perform a regular logbook service on your car, and the major service is at the next interval, we’ll inform you then and there to give you plenty of time to prepare for the next major service due.

Major Servicing:

The time at which your vehicle requires a major service will ultimately depend on your maintenance schedule, although major servicing usually occurs at every third interval. Typically, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of the brakes where pad replacement may be necessary, and replace spark plugs, check belts and any other items required by the service schedule, as well as perform all the other items associated with a typical service, such as an oil and filter change.

Warranty Claims:

Having your car serviced by Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre will not affect your new car or statutory warranty. When servicing cars still under warranty, we use genuine OEM parts to ensure your car is still repairable under your new car warranty, should anything go wrong. We’ll phone you immediately if we suspect mechanical damage occurring on your car is the fault of the manufacturer, so you can have it performed for free.

Log Book Servicing

Get in touch with your year, make and model to book your vehicle in with Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre for a log book service. Call (07) 4661 9997

Fast and Reliable Warwick Mechanics

Morgan Park Performance & Service Centre are a team of Warwick mechanics who offer comprehensive general vehicle servicing. Our small team of qualified mechanics go to all lengths necessary to keep your car safe and reliable, including performing a complete check of all mechanical and safety components before servicing. To complement the precision workmanship done by our mechanics, we use high quality replacement parts that are built to last. Please give us a call with the year, make and model of your vehicle ready, to organise comprehensive general servicing on your vehicle.

General mechanical servicing is much like our log book servicing, except we instead turn our attention to more parts of the car that may not have received attention throughout the car’s life. This means performing a comprehensive inspection of all wear items before servicing. Our general mechanical servicing includes:

  • Full mechanical inspection
  • Tyre Inspection
  • Before and after service test drive
  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Part replacements as necessary

Whilst we always recommend having aftermarket parts installed, due to them being cheaper and typically better designed, we can always source genuine OEM parts if you would prefer us to do so. For any items out of the ordinary that require attention, we’ll give you a call with an over the phone quote on the cost to repair.

Having fair warning allows you to prepare yourself financially before the next service. Perhaps your brakes might not need servicing just yet, but will at the next service interval. In such cases, we’ll include notes of what will need attention at the next service.

Has Your Car Been Playing Up Lately?

After dropping off your vehicle at our workshop, you’ll be given a lift back to work in your own vehicle by the same mechanic who’ll be servicing it. It’s during this time that we like to discuss any problems you’ve experienced with your car since the last service, allowing us to fully explore the problems you’ve described first-hand, such as strange vibrations, rattles or squeaks. Having a mechanic drive your vehicle also allows you to notice any problems that you might not have even been aware of.

Warwick Mechanics

Get in touch with your year, make and model to have one of our Warwick mechanics thoroughly inspect and service your car. Call (07) 4661 9997.